Fiscal Sponsorship

Looking to raise funds for your charity? Not a U.S. nonprofit?

Wherever you are located, our fiscal sponsorship program can be a solution for you.

USA Fundraising

International organizations looking to raise funds in the United States.

No Nonprofit Status
A U.S. foundation or charity that does not have its own 501(c)(3) status
International Granting

A foundation or corporation that wants to grant funds internationally

B Corporation & Coop Funding

B Corp or Coop looking to receive, foundation or grant dollars.

Mission Statement

To provide access to capital and facilitate connections between individuals, projects, and organizations. To amplifying the voices of our partners, ensuring effective communication between them and their supporters.

Vision Statement

Together, we envision a world where the power of collective action and shared values creates a ripple effect of goodness and inspires a brighter future for all.

What do you need to succeed in your mission?

what we do

We help you find the resources to fund your project and support your mission

Global Caring Alliance helps you raise money you need to support your work. If your group or organization wants to raise money for a charitable cause but do not have the nonprofit status you need, Global Caring Alliance can help make fundraising possible by serving as your fiscal sponsor.

We go beyond just helping you raise money.
We help you turn your donors into evangelists

People talking to People. Asking questions, sharing experiences. Being a part of your project. Getting to know each other by name. It’s a personal relationship that helps you get your message out in the most intimate, effective and long lasting way.

It’s a simple formula:

Trust + Engagement = Support

Our why

What happens when ...

Your non-profit or NGO goes out to feed families in Nigeria, build a medical clinic in Ukraine, help with flood and earthquake relief in Pakistan or Turkey?

You do the work. Your family and friends hear about it. You submit a report and that’s it.

What’s missing?

What’s missing is the rest of us.

What’s missing is your opportunity to build trust, share the heart and soul of the people involved. To let us experience the sounds, the feelings and the depth of emotion – good and bad. The joys, the sorrows, the success and the challenges.

Take us along with you on your journey – please.


Fiscal sponsorship is a contractual relationship between a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a group or individual whose activities fall within the sponsoring organization’s mission. This relationship enables the 501(c)(3) to extend certain benefits of being nonprofit to the sponsored group, without the group having to go through filing for nonprofit status by itself.

In other words: we built an entire organization so that you don’t have to AND you can use our organization to bring your work to life.

Raise funds. Motivate donors. Create something excellent. Handle your business.

this is your opportunity


Fiscal sponsorship allows you to use the tools we offer to support your work. We know that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution and you are the expert on your business or project. You can use any or all of our tools to customize the support you need. With fiscal sponsorship, you can:

  • Solicit funds which are eligible for tax-deduction to your donors.
  • Accept automatic, recurring, monthly donations.
  • Receive contributed funds via electronic funds transfer.
  • Process credit card donations with no additional credit card processing fees
  • Run a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Apply for grants and corporate sponsorship’s.
  • Ask for guidance from our small but mighty Program staff.
  • Get comprehensive answers to your questions via our Knowledge Base.

Partner with us and let's tell your story.

We believe collaboration and communication will transform philanthropy.

We partner across private, public and nonprofit sectors on causes and campaigns for social impact.

We can help you achieve your goals.